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WG7 Castle Greyhawk TSR9222, Vintage TSR Greyhawk Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Dungeon Module VG/VG

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This excellent adventure was published by TSR in 1989. It is a massive 128-page perfect-bound adventure authored by many different folks. The common theme is silliness. AS the blurb says:

"The common theme to this dungeon is that no joke is so old, no pun is so bad, and no schtick is so obvious that it can't be used to confuse and trip up PCs!"


This Adventure is SILLY. Dumb. Stupid. And. So. Much. Fun.

If you do not want humor in your game, please DO NOT BUY this adventure. It is Silly. It is dumb. It is stupid and so much fun!

Again, if you (or your players) do not have a sense of humor, this module is not for you. We have plenty of other serious adventures. I have literally had people that bought this wanting to return it because they thought it was going to be Gary Gygax's Castle Greyhawk. It is not. I must admit that was my reaction when I bought it. I did not get it. It sat on my shelf for years and then......I ran it. My players loved it! It was a break from the usual hack, slash, loot, repeat. This adventure has Gummy Werebears, Marvel Super Heroes (sort of), the original Star Trek crew (Kirk, Spock, McCoy), a writer with a creative block that affects the dungeon, and the King Burger. Just to mention a few of the weird things you'll encounter. Take a look at a few of the images. You'll know if this is your kind of adventure!


From the front of the module:

Deep beneath the keep of Castle Greyhawk, a really nasty device is creating all these gross, mutated, and unpleasant monsters that are running wild throughout the castle and the 12-level dungeon beneath the castle. The call has gone out for heroic, fearless, and kinda foolish adventurers to out-hack, out-slash, and sometimes even out-think hordes of doughmen, headless mice, manic bee queens, really bad dead things, burgermen, crazed chefs, and movie moguls. If they survive these and much odder obstacles, the characters still have to find the nasty monster creator and put it out of business. Castle Greyhawk contains 13 detailed levels for adventuring and exploration. Each level is a separate adventure written by a different author and each has its own unique brand of insane and baffling weirdness. Some levels involve solving puzzles and some require good old hacking and slashing. The adventures can be played separately or all together as a grand quest to free Castle Greyhawk from the evil, rotten hordes that are plaguing it. The common theme to this dungeon is that no joke is so old, no pun is so bad, and no schtick is so obvious that it can't be used to confuse and trip up PCs! 13 Adventures for Character Levels 0 to 25


This adventure is in Very Good condition. It was probably never used (too silly?). The cover shows heavy corner rounding, moderate edge wear, scuffing, and general wear. Sturdy. The interior is clean of any writing and shows slight wear.

Please Note:

Please look at the pictures and contact me if you have any questions.

Most of my packing supplies are reused, so don't be too surprised if you have a combination of paper, airbags, and whatever else I have laying around.

I would be happy to wrap your gift purchase at no charge and write a personal note on the packing slip. Just add a note to the shopping cart at check-out. 

  • Item Info/Title: Castle Greyhawk
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: TSR
  • Mfg. Code: WG7
  • Mfg. Number: TSR9222
  • Game System: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (First Edition)
  • Author: Various
  • No. of Pages: 128
  • Format: Perfect Bound Module
  • Year Published: 1989
  • Series: WG7
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.3"
  • Weight: 12 oz