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Unearthed Arcana TSR2017, Vintage TSR Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition Hardcover Rulebook Authored by Gary Gygax, GD/VG

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This listing is for a vintage copy of Unearthed Arcana. This excellent 128-page perfect-bound book was authored by Gary Gygax and greatly expanded the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition game system when it was released way back in 1985. Has it really been that long?

Unearthed Arcana introduced the barbarian character class, the acrobat, and the cavalier. There are also some of the first non-human deities. Barbarians were given a d12 for hit points. Holy heck! It was a very divisive book for a lot of folks. Many players felt the new classes were overpowered compared to the core classes. Unearthed Arcana also introduced weapon specialization for fighters, giving them plusses to hit and damage with a specific weapon. This was also very controversial. Not to me or the folks I played with. We embraced them and just expanded the gonzo-ness of our campaigns. There were also new spells and magic items. Hoody Freakin Hoo!!!


From the back of the tome: "...All the new discoveries, plus a wealth of just uncovered secrets, between one pair of covers." This, the latest of the AD&D game books, further defines and describes the game system. Inside are new spells, character classes, magic items, weapons, and much more for both players and Dungeon Masters.


This book is in Good to Very Good condition showing light wear. It is sturdy and the binding is tight. The cover is in Good condition showing overall light wear. There is light corner rounding and creasing along the fold, there are a few small scratches (larger on the back). The major flaw is a 3" surface tear along the edge. Please see the scan. The interior is in Very Good condition. It looks like the previous owner placed a name tag on the interior of the cover that was subsequently removed. The pages are clean and white. I doubt it was ever used much. The binding is tight. For the moment. Please know that all of the Unearthed Arcana books were poorly constructed. The pages were bonded to the spine with glue that tends to come loose after a few years. This copy is fairly tight although it is just a matter of time and use before the pages become loose.

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  • Item Info/Title: Unearthed Arcana
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: TSR
  • Mfg. Code: N/A
  • Mfg. Number: TSR2017
  • Game System: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (First Edition; 1E)
  • Author: Gary Gygax
  • No. of Pages: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year Published: 1985
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.6"
  • Weight: 22 oz