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The Malady of Kings An Adventure for Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition by Troll Lord Games, d20 System

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This listing is for a vintage copy of The Malady of Kings a 40-page adventure released by Troll Lord Games for Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition. It was authored by Stephen Chenault and is set in the world of Erde but is fully usable in and d20 campaign.


From the back of the adventure.

"I see him. He stands upon the till, facing the sea. The swell is not so great this morning and the tide pulls upon him. I can see, too, the silver-lined sail, filling now with wind, pulling the little craft into the deeper oceans. Your father is mailed in his silver armor, his great sword, Durendale, strapped to his side. His hair is free now, with no crown banding it. Your father, King no more, is passing away from us."

And the Queen saw the craft rise upon a great wave that rose from the ocean's depths. She could see her husband, her one great love, look back, and he smiled. The Evening-Swan then rose over the crest, white foam washing her bow, and slipped into the trough beyond and into Dream

Hazard the Sea of Dreams and find the fabled Isle of Blight, the magical resting place of St. Luther. Mysterious strangers, fiendish creatures, and other-worldly magics stand between the adventurers and the once and future king. Can they cure his malady and bring peace to the spirit of his Queen?

The Malady of Kings is a d20 System adventure for 4-6 characters of levels 10-12. Set in the World of Erde, it expands upon the legends and history of the After Winter Dark Fantasy Campaign Setting. Inside you will find further details on the Kingdom of Kayomar, the fall of the royal family of Pendegrantz, Daladon Lothian and the Watchers in the Wood, the madness of the White Mage, and the Troll Lord hiimself.

Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook, Third Edition, published by Wizards of the Coast.


This adventure is in great condition showing only the lightest of wear. It has never been used.

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Item Info/Title: Malady of Kings, The

Publisher/Manufacturer: Troll Lord Games

Mfg. Number: TLG  1601

Game System: #rd Edition D&D/D20

Author Stephen Chenault

No. of Pages: 40

Format: Softcover

Year Published: 2001

Dimensions: 8.5x11x0.25"

Weight: 5 oz