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Solid Metal RPG Dice - 7 Dice Gaming Set - Sword Design with Blood Splatters (paint)

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A set of solid metal gaming dice. Each set consists of 7 high-quality, solid metal dice that will last a lifetime of gaming and the usual suspects are represented:

1d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d8, 1d6, 1d4, & a percentile die. 

These dice are cast, sanded, coated, and polished to create a superior set of dice.

Long-lasting design

These dice are made of a durable Zinc-Alloy. This metal ensures that your dice are built to last while maintaining a great in-hand feel, sound, and look.

Reusability and Recyclability

Being metal, these dice are built to last. Although we believe these dice will be among your favorites, should you decide to part with them, you can! Assuming proper care was taken, your dice can be traded or resold again and again due to their durable design. Should you challenge the dice to a battle with an Ogre Mark V, the flattened metal can be cleanly recycled!