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The Mortality of Green Generic Fantasy Adventure from Troll Lord Games Compatible with any Fantasy Roleplaying System

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Item Description

This listing is for the generic fantasy adventure module The Mortality of Green. This adventure was authored by Stephen Chenault and published by Troll Lord Games in 200o. It is system neutral and this 24-page adventure is compatible with any Fantasy Roleplaying System.


From the back of the tome: Tis said of that ancient brooding forest that even before the world grew accustomed to the light of day, her stems were grown high and her eyes already dark and contemplative. If ever those ancient trees have pondered, however, then it was in silent expectancy, brooding on a bent that only they and a few others may know, for it has never been theirs to speak with vocal tongue. Mayhap they ponder simple things, or maybe they wonder on the many creatures which have come to crawl the earth since those days before days, for all manner of beasts and monsters have come from the outlands to slip into obscurity underneath the shadowy dale of the Darkenfold. Pursue Quagmire the Troll Lord through the deadly Darkenfold Forest! This adventure is for 4-8 characters of levels 3-5.


This module is in excellent condition and has never been used. There is slight wear from storage and shipping. 

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Item Info/Title: The Mortality of Green

Publisher/Manufacturer: Troll Lord Games

Mfg. Code: TLG1101

Mfg. Number: TLG1101

Game System: Any (Generic)

Author: Stephen Chenault

No. of Pages: 24

Format: Module

Year Published: 2000

Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.16"

Weight: 4 oz