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Level Up Magazine #3 Spring 2010, Fantasy Role-Playing Game Materials for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Excellent Condition

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Item Details

This listing is for a copy of Level Up Magazine #3 published in Spring 2010 by Goodman Games.



Level up your 4E game! Level Up is the official 4E RPG magazine from Goodman Games. Covering all things 4E, Level Up includes loads of content! Issue #3 includes:

  • Blackdirge’s Bestiary: The Ugly Side of Fey

  • Last Call at the Blind Tyrant: a level 14 adventure

  • PC Pearls: The Knave Multicass

  • Amon, Lord of Wrath

  • Amethyst Extras: Beauty in Shadow

  • Regular features, including Azagar’s Advice for Adventurers, A Picture Tells 1,000 Words, Dear Archmage Abby, D20 Questions, and more!


This magazine is in Excellent condition showing light wear.

Please note, that I have only graded the magazine for any major flaws. If you are concerned about the specific condition or want to make sure it has a specific article or module, please contact me and I will go over the magazine with a fine-tooth comb!

Please Note:

Please look at the pictures and contact me if you have any questions.

Most of my packing supplies are reused, so don't be too surprised if you have a combination of paper, airbags, and whatever else I have laying around.

I would be happy to wrap your gift purchase at no charge and write a personal note on the packing slip. Just add a note to the shopping cart at check-out. 

  • Item Info/Title: Level Up Magazine #3
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: Goodman Games
  • Game System: Various
  • Author: Various
  • Format: Magazine
  • Year Published: 2010
  • Dimensions: 8.5x11x0.15"
  • Weight: 5 oz