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Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 Edition by Kenzer and Company, Vintage Hardcover d20 System Rulebook VG/EX

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This listing is for a vintage copy of the Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting. This massive 272-page hardbound book details the World of Kalamar for Dungeons & Dragons 3.0 Edition and the d20 system. This is brought to us by Kenzer and Company, the folks who publish the hilarious Knights of the Dinner Table comic series. It was published in 2001 and authored by David S. Kenzer, Brian Jelke, Steve Johansson, Lloyd Brown III & Jolly R. Blackburn.


From the back of the tome:

AN EPIC, ASS-KICKING WORLD! The Kingdoms of Kalamar™ setting: the first fully-detailed world for your gaming universe. So balanced, integrated, and believable that after an adventure you'll feel the grit between your teeth, taste the blood in your mouth and smell the laurels of success! Pick up this core sourcebook and enter a world of adventure unlike any you've seen before. This book is essential for anyone that wants to elevate their game to new heights! Format: 272-page hardback book with 2 fold-out maps and a transparent map overlay


This book is in Very Good to Excellent condition. The corners are bumped, there is some light scuffing, and the front cover is a little bent. The inside shows only very light corner and edge wear, and the maps and plastic overlay have not been removed.

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  • Item Info/Title:
  • Publisher/Manufacturer:
  • Mfg. Code: KEN1000
  • Mfg. Number: KEN1000
  • Game System: Dungeons and Dragons (Third Edition; d20 system)
  • Author: David S. Kenzer, Brian Jelke, Steve Johansson, Lloyd Brown III & Jolly R. Blackburn
  • No. of Pages: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Year Published: 2001
  • Series: Kingdoms of Kalamar Setting
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.82"
  • Weight: 40 oz