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In the Belly of the Beast Adventure for Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 Edition by Atlas Games AG3202, d20 System Vintage Module

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In the Belly of the Beast is a 32-page adventure authored by Mike Mearls and was published by Atlas Games in 2001 to support the 3rd edition of Dungeons & Dragons and the d20 system.


From the back of the adventure:


It is a cancer thriving in the midst of a bustling city, a shadowy conspiracy bent on driving House Mezzia, a once proud and noble merchant family, to its knees. Forced to turn to outsiders for aid, an ambitious young scion of the Mezzia clan needs heroes to stand with him against the encroaching darkness - heroes who are willing to follow him through the dark heart of the underworld. The Mezzias are desperate and will reward well those who aid them in their hour of need, but can material rewards hold any allure for those who find themselves In the Belly of the Beast?

In the Belly of the Beast is an adventure for the D20 System. It includes:

A tear-out section featuring a combat table and NPC information cards for quick GM reference.

Roleplaying-intensive action in which the players' ability to ally with potentially deadly enemies is critical to completing the adventure.

A flexible adventure setting which is designed to be quickly adaptable to any campaign world with a minimum of GM work.


This module has never been used and is in excellent condition. The corners are slightly bent from shipping. 

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  • Item Info/Title: In the Belly of the Beast
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: Atlas Games
  • Mfg. Number: ATG3202
  • Game System: Dungeons and Dragons (Third Edition; d20 System)
  • Author: Mike Mearls
  • No. of Pages: 32
  • Format: Module
  • Year Published: 2001
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.15"
  • Weight: 4 oz