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Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Vintage Softcover Rulebooks TSR1031 For Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Authored by Ed Greenwood, Incomplete/Books Only

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This listing is for the two sourcebooks included in the original Forgotten Realms Setting boxed set created by the ineffable Ed Greenwood. Also authored by Jeff Grubb and Karen S. Martin. This set for 1st Edition AD&D was released in 1987 by TSR.

The box and poster maps are not included. This includes the Cyclopedia of the Realms (96-page perfect-bound book) and the DM's Sourcebook of the Realms (96-page perfect-bound book).


From the back of the boxed set:

Within this box is everything needed to visit the fabulous Forgotten Realms. The 96-page player's book contains entries on all known areas, cities, people, and things, presented in alphabetical order. Numerous maps outline the more well-known cities and lands. The 96-page DM's book contains all the information pertinent to running a campaign set in this fantasy world, from how to bring existing characters into the Forgotten Realms to two complete introductory mini-adventures to a listing of known magical texts and the magics contained therein. Four full-color maps show the entire lands and details of the more well-known areas. Adventuring rules specific to the Forgotten Realms have been included.

Everything you need is here - save for your imagination.


The books are in Good condition showing some use. The covers both show large creases, heavy corner rounding, moderate scuffing, and edge wear. The interiors are in Very Good condition showing a little corner rounding and edge wear. They are clean with no writing. 

Here is a link to a great online map of the Realms.

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  • Item Info/Title: Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting (Books Only)
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: TSR
  • Mfg. Code: N/A
  • Mfg. Number: TSR1031
  • Game System: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (First Edition;1E) 
  • Author: Ed Greenwood
  • No. of Pages: Two 96-page softcover rulebooks
  • Year Published: 1987
  • Series: Forgotten Realms
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.25"
  • Weight: 16 oz