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Face to Face with Dice 5000 years of Dice and Dicing 190 Page Softcover Book Dice History and Collecting Information

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This listing is for 1 copy of Face to Face with Dice by Leo van der Heijt, in English. This book is a treasure trove of facts about dice both usual and unusual and should be in every dice collector's library.

From the Author:

It is really amazing to learn that there are numerous dice shapes, in addition to the cube, which are used from Antiquity until today, all over the world. Even more astonishing is to discover that all kinds of shapes, other than the cube, originating from Antiquity have returned over the past 30 years, unconsciously imitated and manufactured from polymers (plastics) of higher and higher quality and offered nowadays, in the most exotic and spectacular color varieties. At the same time, original oldies can still be found on flea markets, not to forget the "Internet Auctions" like eBay, Ricardo, and many others.

The enormous differences in the appearance of dice through the centuries and civilizations were not fully recognized. When specimens are on display in some museums, visitors show little interest. This explains the question people, again and again, asked me when I started to collect this special item: "Have you already got two different ones?". It also explains why, over the past 20 years, I have gone from one surprise to the next. The birth of the present book is the consequence of the foregoing. It was born from surprises and explores all possible facets of dice over the past 5000 years. For example the history of the oldest dice (which were found in Pakistan about 5000 years ago), gambling mania, and addiction to dicing and setting up a collection. The work also gives an overview of locations where to find dice and the development of the materials used. The book is richly provided with black and white and color photographs and drawings.

There is more information in the second image on the back of the book.

This book has not been used or read but there is some creasing along the binding and some corner and edge wear from moving around in the box. The inside is near mint.

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Item Info/Title: Face to Face with Dice

Publisher/Manufacturer: Gopher Publishing

Author Leo van der Heijt

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