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Dungeons and Dragons Conversion Manual, Published in 2000 to Convert Your 2nd Edition D&D Characters to 3rd Edition (3e), Vintage

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This listing is for a vintage 24-page softcover manual that provides the instructions needed to convert your first or second edition Dungeons and Dragons character to 3rd Edition D&D.


This tiny tome also has information for the Dungeon Master on converting monsters and treasures from the previous editions to keep those pesky PCs entertained.It was authored by Skip Williams.

This was released in 2000 to support the new and ground-breaking edition of the world's foremost role-playing game. Wizards of the Coast swooped in and purchased the floundering TSR to save Dungeons and Dragons from an ignoble demise. TSR made a number of questionable investments in the '90s and with the collectible card game's ever-increasing popularity (looking at you Magic!), the future of tabletop gaming seemed to be dim. The d20 system and D&D 3e truly revitalized the tabletop role-playing game scene.

I was lucky enough to be present at the beginning of this whole RPG craze and lived through the times when many people thought playing D&D was akin to worshipping the dark powers. I can't tell you how awesome it felt when D&D 3e was released in 2000. It was almost like experiencing the wonder and magic of role-playing for the first time again. It made entering the dungeon with a 10' pole to battle that orc guarding a chest in a 10'x10 room fun again! Thank you, Peter Adkison and WotC. We won't mention selling WotC to Hasbro a few years later and the endless reprints of all the stuff that came before. Oh wait, I guess I just did. Oh well. Won't be long before OneCorp owns everything anyway. All we can do is keep on gaming until we drop!


The manual shows light overall wear. It would make a fine addition to a collection. If you can't wait to play D&D 3e and need the conversion info now, I bet you can use a little "Google-Fu" to find a link to download your own PDF copy.

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Item Info/Title: Conversion Manual - Convert to 3rd Edition

Publisher/Manufacturer: Wizards of the Coast

Mfg. Code:

Mfg. Number:

Game System: 3rd Edition (convert from AD&D 1st and 2nd Editions)


No. of Pages: 22


Year Published: 2000


Dimensions: 6x9x.1"

Weight: 3 oz