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DL11 Dragons of Glory TSR9144, Vintage TSR Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition DragonLance Accessory/Simulation Game by Tracy Hickman and Douglas Niles

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This listing is for a vintage TSR DL11 Dragons of Glory. This excellent accessory is a self-contained simulation game. 


From the back of the Set:


Across the world of Krynn, the armies of light and darkness clash in a titanic struggle. Now the vast forces of the High Solamnic Knights and the Dragon Highlords are yours to command. "Dragons of Glory" puts you and your players in charge of all the armies of Krynn.

In excerpts from his war journals, Lord Gunthar Uth Wistan, Commander of the Solamnic Knights, discusses the general course of the war and several major battles of the time. Each battle discussion ends with the setup and victory conditions that will enable you to control the course of the War of the Lance.

"Dragons of Glory" is a complete strategic simulation game requiring no other rules to play. Yet it is also a valuable tool for the game master as it can add more excitement to DRAGONLANCE campaigns.

"Dragons of Glory" includes a huge two-piece, full-color map of the continent of Ansalon, nearly 400 counters (missing in this copy, there is a paper copy) representing both the Whitestone and the Dragon Highlord forces, a 16-page scenario book with Gunthar's memoirs, and an eight-page rules book. A strategic game supplement to the DRAGONLANCE series! 


This copy is in Good condition showing some wear. The heavy cardstock cover shows wear at the corners and edges, light scuffing, and edgewear. Gunthar's journal shows edgewear, corner rounding, some creases, and is a bit grey with age. It is clean and has no writing or other marks. The rulebook shows some corner and edgewear but is otherwise very clean and nice. Both books have rusty staples and these have stained the books around the staple holes. The continent map is a little worn, has light scuffing, the folds are worn and some have separated. There are several pinholes at the corners and remnants of tape on the back. The 400 Battlesystem counters are missing, but a paper photocopy has been included.

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  • Item Info/Title: Dragons of Glory
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: TSR
  • Mfg. Code: DL11
  • Mfg. Number: TSR9144
  • Game System: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (First Edition)
  • Author: Tracy Hickman, Douglas Niles
  • No. of Pages: 16-page book, 8-page book, double-thickness Bi-fold cover, two 21"x33" fold-out maps.
  • Format: Module
  • Year Published: 1985
  • Series: DL11 (Full Series DL1-DL16)
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.25"
  • Weight: 10 oz