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X1 The Isle of Dread TSR9043, A Dungeons & Dragons Vintage TSR Wilderness Adventure for the Expert Set in the Known World Good/Very Good

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This is a very fine adventure for the Dungeons and Dragons Expert Set. This copy has the earlier blue cover. This 32-page vintage adventure details the mythical Isle of Dread for your player's pleasure (or displeasure). Sorcery and Dinosaurs! 'Nuff said.


From the cover of the adventure:

The Isle of Dread is the first in a series of adventure modules for use with the DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Expert Rules. As the first D&D wilderness adventure published by TSR Hobbies, the Isle of Dread is designed as an instructional module to help novice Dungeon Masters design their own wilderness adventures. This module contains maps and background material for the Isle, fifteen new monsters, and suggestions for further adventures. In addition, The Isle of Dread contains a map and background information for a large continent, and eleven smaller maps for encounters on the island itself. In this module, players will push their way through dark jungles and treacherous swamps to discover the lost plateau and the final secrets of - the Isle of Dread! This adventure will challenge characters of levels 3 to 7.


This copy is in Good to Very Good condition. The cover shows corner rounding, edge wear, two price tags on the front and creasing at the fold. The fold is frayed and has split 1/2 inch at the top and bottom. There is overall light scuffing. The maps on the cover show some spots in the margin and a rust stain in the fold. The adventure book has light edge and corner wear, staple rust, a few spots, and one paragraph highlighted. All of the handouts are still in place. Very unusual for this adventure. All-in-all, it is a very usable adventure and will certainly challenge and hopefully thrill your players.


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  • Item Info/Title: The Isle of Dread
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: TSR
  • Mfg. Code: X1
  • Mfg. Number: TSR9043
  • Game System: Dungeons and Dragons (Expert Set)
  • Author: David Cook and Tom Moldvay
  • No. of Pages: 32
  • Format: Module
  • Year Published: 1981
  • Series: X1
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.16"
  • Weight: 5 oz