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Dragon Magazine #78 October 1983, Fantasy Role-Playing Game Materials Mostly for Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Good/Very Good

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This listing is for a vintage copy of Dragon Magazine #78 published in October 1983 by TSR.

Dragon Magazine was the premier magazine for role-playing games. It ceased print publication in 2007 but lives on in a digital format. I always looked forward to getting Dragon Magazine in the mail or at my local hobby shop. It was always packed full of fun stuff to expand your Dungeons and Dragons game. Sometimes it even had information on other TSR games and occasional articles on other companies' games. It also had short stories, comics, and reviews.

In the early days, some of the luminaries of the game, like Gary Gygax, would contribute an article or two. A good time was always had by all!


This 96-page issue includes the following content:



A sharp system for swords — Pete Mohney
More variety for enchanted blades in AD&D® play

Original items to spice up your campaign
Seventeen new treasures — various authors


The neutral point of view — Stephen Inniss
Exploring the territory between good and evil

Tables and tables of troops — James Yates
Many factors influence a fighter's followers

The ecology of the Will-o-Wisp — Nigel D. Findley
A valuable lesson: Don't cross against the lights

That's life in the big city — Kevin Anderson and Kristine Thompson
Information to aid in creating urban adventures

The role of books — Reviews by John C. Bunnell

History of a game that failed — David F. Godwin
Frequent first-time mistakes and how to avoid them

Another Gem from The Companions — Arlen P. Walker
A review of Gems for Death

Authentic agencies, part III — Merle and Jackie Rasmussen
More real-world organizations for TOP SECRET® adventuring

Dennim and the Golem — Robert S. Babcock
May all your friends be as steadfast as this one is

Letters 43 Coming Attraction 91 Wormy
The forum 69 The ARES™ Section 93 Dragonmirth
World Gamers Guide 85 Convention calendar 94 Snarfquest


This vintage magazine is in Good to Very Good condition. The cover has some residue and heavy wear to the corners and edges. The inside is very nice showing a few spots and light wear at the corners and edges.

Please note, I have only graded the magazine for any major flaws. If you are concerned about the specific condition or want to make sure it has a specific article or module, please contact me and I will go over the magazine with a fine-tooth comb!

Please Note:

Please look at the pictures and contact me if you have any questions.

Most of my packing supplies are reused, so don't be too surprised if you have a combination of paper, airbags, and whatever else I have laying around.

I would be happy to wrap your gift purchase at no charge and write a personal note on the packing slip. Just add a note to the shopping cart at check-out. 

  • Item Info/Title: Dragon Magazine #78
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: TSR
  • Game System: Various
  • Author: Various
  • No. of Pages: 96
  • Format: Magazine
  • Year Published: 1983
  • Dimensions: 8.5x11x0.2"
  • Weight: 8 oz