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Battlesystem, Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition Boxed Set, TSR1019, Vintage TSR Fantasy Combat Supplement Released in 1985

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This boxed set was released in 1985 by TSR, The Game Wizards. This boxed set added mass-combat to AD&D and D&D games bringing the hobby full-circle. What I mean is that Dungeons and Dragons was originally just an extension used to add fantasy elements to tabletop wargames. Much to the consternation of the historical wargamers who did not want all that fairy-tale stuff to interfere with their recreation of Napoleon's great battles! Oh well!


From the back of the box:

An exciting new direction for AD&D and D&D games! Create fantastic armies with miniature figures or die-cut counters and fight incredible battles against the forces of evil!

The BATTLESYSTEM game is fully compatible with any official AD&D or D&D game spell, monster, or plane of existence - no matter how obscure! You can create you own battles or play the exciting scenarios - including an epic DRAGONLANCE adventure battle!

The BATTLESYSTEM game uses an innovative mass combat system and allows use of field artillery, flying, magic, invisibility, and illusion! AD&D and D&D characters can earn experience points by commanding armies or fight as individual heroes! Lead your armies into the ultimate fantasy war with the BATTLESYSTEM Fantasy Combat Supplement!

Here's What You Get!

A. 1 32-page rule book
B. 1 24-page scenario book
C. 1 16-page guide to miniatures
D. 2 Player Aid Cards
E. 2 Metal Miniature Generals* (Not Included; sorry!)
G. Army Roster Sheets
H. 801 die-cut counters


This copy is in great shape! The only thing missing is the two lead miniatures to act as generals for the armies. They were purely for show, with no effect on the playability of the game. Assuming you have the AD&D 1st Edition core rulebooks, you're ready to go! Please see below for the condition of each component.


The box shows a little wear, but it is sturdy and is in Very Good condition. The box cover is indented about 1/2" in the center but it is sturdy. I suspect something kind of heavy was placed on the box and this has caused the top to "bow" out at the edges. Please see the photos. There is heavy scuffing on some of the edges and light scuffing here and there. The colors are vibrant and it is sturdy.


This is in Excellent condition showing light corner rounding, light rust on the staples, and light overall wear. 

Player Aid Cards

Excellent condition. The lightest of wear

Army Roster Book

This is in Excellent condition showing light wear and very rusty staples. 

Introduction to Miniatures

Very Good condition with creasing, scuffing corner rounding, and edge wear.


All of the counters are unpunched and included. A few are starting to come loose from the sheet but are still well attached. The army roster sheets are unused. The rulebook, scenario book, and roster books show a little bit of wear from being jockeyed around in the box but have not been used. There is a small discolored spot on the cover of the scenario book. Please see the photo. There are four sheets of the 3-D Adventure Fold-Up figures and I believe that was all that was included with the set. These "figures" are really terrain, not miniatures. This is a great addition to your game or collection and it's in really good shape. 

Scenario Book

This is in Very Good condition showing light corner rounding, edge wear, and light staple rust.


3-D Fold-up figures

They are in Excellent condition showing light wear and rusty staples. 

Overall this box set is complete (except for the miniatures), it is sturdy and ready to be used in epic battles that will determine the fate of your realms!