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FRC1 Ruins of Adventure TSR9238 A Vintage TSR Advanced Dungeons & Dragons First Edition Forgotten Realms Adventure Module, Good Condition

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This excellent 96-page perfect-bound book was released by TSR in 1988 for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition. This adventure is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting, created by the ineffable Ed Greenwood, and was authored by James Ward, David "Zeb" Cook, Steve Winter, and Mike Breault. Ruins of Adventure can be adapted easily for AD&D 2nd edition and used in any game world.

This is based on the Pool of Radiance computer game created by Strategic Simulations, Inc. It is a fun set of adventures.


From the back of the adventure:

A great evil force descended on the town of Phlan years ago. The townspeople were all either killed or driven away, and Phlan became (literally) a ghost town. Fifty years later, the survivors are ready to reclaim their town. But they need a band of strong and brave adventurers to lead the fight - they need you. 

Ruins of Adventure is a set of connected short adventures written by James Ward, David "Zeb" Cook, Steve Winter, and Mike Breault - four names familiar to all AD&D game fans. It uses the same setting, locations, and characters as the computer game Pool of Radiance by Strategic Simulations, Inc. In fact, many of the scenarios here in Ruins of Adventure will provide important clues to the successful completion of Pool of Radiance.


This copy is in Good condition showing lots of use and a little abuse. The cover show heavy corner rounding, a few notches at the edges, creases, and a few small indents and scratches. The interior shows pencil notes on the maps, a few things crossed out in pencil, a few smudges, and a bit of spooge between pages 56/57. Not bad. Please see the image. Some of the corners are rounded. Overall, this is a good playing copy but not really for collecting unless you're like me and just need one in hand. 

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  • Item Info/Title: Ruins of Adventure
  • Publisher/Manufacturer: TSR
  • Mfg. Code: FRC1
  • Mfg. Number: TSR9238
  • Game System: Advanced Dungeons and Dragons First Edition
  • Author: Mike Breault, David Cook, Jim Ward, and Steve Winter.
  • No. of Pages: 96
  • Format: Module
  • Year Published: 1983
  • Series: FRC1
  • Dimensions: 8.5"x11"x0.23"
  • Weight: 8 oz