Grading our Out-of-Print Items


Collectors, please note that most of our items have been acquired in lots from gamers. In most cases, we do not know if the various parts were kept together, or if the cover, etc. have been replaced with a cover from another copy. It's hard to tell if the staples have been replaced nicely, or if they are the originals. If this is important to you, please contact us before purchasing and we will be happy to inform you to the best of our ability.

We try to grade and represent our inventory as accurately as is humanly possible. We review every item more than once. We tend to be very strict at grading our products so that our customers will be pleasantly surprised by the condition of an item.


It is common for us to use a split grading scale for most items. The first entry describes the cover. So, an item described as VG/NM would have a cover in Very Good condition while the interior of the product is in Near Mint condition.

Some items are still completely useful even though they may be missing a few pages. For instance booklets of character sheets with a few sheets missing but still containing at least one of each kind of sheet included. These items will be graded something like Good/Very Good (inc.) this means that the cover is in Good condition and the remaining sheets are in Very Good condition, but the item is incomplete as published. I will include some information on how many sheets remain.

PR= Poor



VG=Very Good


NM=Near Mint

M=Mint Condition

SW=Shrink Wrapped


Poor condition items may have split covers, badly frayed edges, severe creasing, large stains or tears, extreme shelf wear, pages removed and not included, could also have considerable writing, may have photocopied inserts. Overall these items are severely thrashed but could probably still be used. Some items in this condition may only be good for parts.


Fair condition items may have split covers, frayed edges, large amounts of creasing, large stains or tears, severe shelf wear, loose pages but included, could also have considerable writing or highlighting, may have photocopied inserts. Overall these items are thrashed but could be used.


Good condition items can have heavy wear, such as; frayed edges, moderate creases, heavy rubbing from shelf wear, small or light stains, and tears. May have some writing or highlighting. Pages may have been removed and used but will be included. They are complete and fully usable. They are not collector quality.


Very Good condition items have moderate wear, such as; rounded or bent edges, medium creases from half an inch to about an inch, and only moderate shelf wear. The insides can have highlighting and other notes if they are very neat, in an appropriate location, and do not interfere with the text, maps, or other inserts. In some cases very small light stains. Pages designed to be removed may have been removed but only if it is done neatly and remain unused. They will be included. They are not collector-quality items but they are still very nice copies.


Excellent condition items have minimal wear, such as; slightly rounded edges, small creases under half an inch, and only very light shelf wear. These might be considered collector quality, but of course, that depends on the collector.


Near Mint condition items have almost no wear at all. They can have small creases under a quarter of an inch, the very slightest of shelf wear, and other very small marks or blemishes. Collector quality.


Mint condition items are in perfect condition with no defects whatsoever. Very rare. Most products that have been in a retail store and pawed through for any length of time are at best in Near Mint condition. Even if still in the shrink wrap. Collector quality. We very seldom see items that we consider to be in mint condition, and when we do, we usually assume that there is some small flaw that we have missed. That's why you may never see Mint condition items on our pages.