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Some tips on finding the items you're looking for, and placing orders.


I've divided the (A)D&D stuff by editions, so that it is easy to find compatible materials. When you get to the category page it will default to “Grid” view. This gives you the maximum number of items per page, along with the price. If you switch to “List” view you will also get the short description which includes the condition, author, print information and, if there is an adventure included, what levels it is for. Press “More” to see additional information about the item.


If you type in part of the title that you are looking for it will find any items with your search terms in the title or description. You can also search by the author's name, or manufacturer (if you don't want to type, there is a list of manufactures on the right side of most pages). If you are looking for an adventure for a certain level of characters, type in the level only (like “3-5”). If you type 6th level, you will get all the items for any level.


You can also use the Tags on the right side of the page. If you are looking for an adventure, press adventure or module. If you are looking for an accessory, accessory. If you are looking for a rulebook... well, I'm sure that you get it. You can also type any of the tags into the search field. If you have trouble finding the tag you are looking for, use the find feature on your browser.

As always if you can't find what you want, or don't want to hunt around, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Ordering Information

When ordering you will need to create an account with us, We don't ask for any information that we do not need to ship your order and your information is protected by SSL encryption.  All payment information is secured by PayPal and never sees our server. 

The order form will ask for your phone number. This can be helpful in the case of a problem with your order.  If you do not feel comfortable leaving your number just type in as many 0s as your country requires (in the US 0000000000) please do not use parentheses or brackets.

More Information

 You can find links to our Privacy Statement, Shipping and other information, as well as links to your account at the bottom of every page.

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