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We never share your information with anyone else for any reason. I suppose that if we were contacted by a law enforcement agency we would have to, but we've never had it come up.

When you browse our site the only cookies you will receive are to collect information on how you use our site.  These cookies save no identifiable personal information and are used only to analyze how you use our website. This helps us improve our service. We never share any information whatsoever with anyone else. If you still don't want a cookie, most browsers have an option to block cookies, usually under "Settings" and/or "Privacy".

If you place items in your shopping cart, we collect just enough information so that that you and I can see your cart and what is in it.  Don't worry I won't send you reminders, I'll let you order when you are ready.

When you create a customer account, we do collect the information that you give us.  If you place an order we can use this information to generate your invoice and ship your order.  If you place an item on our "Wish List" we will e-mail you to let you know that it has arrived. I've decided to post new items and other information on our Google+ Page so I won't be bothering you with a newsletter. 

All actual payment information will be entered at the PayPal site, please see their privacy policy.

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