Found Treasure: Maps, DM Notes And Props

Found Treasure: Maps, DM Notes And Props

Found Treasure!

Sometimes , when we're very lucky, we find treasure in the out-of -print goodies that come our way. Maps, notes, props, all kinds of great stuff that our fellow players and DMs used in their game.

We'll start with this fine prop of a note that (I assume) the players found. It seems to have been redacted and got a bit too close to the fire. The secret in the cave has me intrigued, but I wouldn't want to end up like Yaim and Brelid. Would your characters take the hook?


I love the attention to detail in this map, it must have taken a while to draw all those mountains, and the dragon at the top is icing on the cake! it looks to me like it is at the south end of the Yatil Mountains, perhaps in Veluna.

Here's another fine map, this seems to be a castle with a small village nearby. I imagine that this is the party's home and environs, so much care went into drawing it. I got lost looking at all of the individual buildings, the pond or small lake, horses and carriages on the roads, and people here and there. There is a cloak store, book store, weapons store, pet store, food store and not only a magic shop, but another shop across the way specializing in wands!

Here's a closer look at part of the castle. I have to assume that this is the party's home, who else would need an entire room just for rings and another for wands. This is truly a labor of love!

This map or flow chart really fascinated me. There are so many creatures! Do they all live next door to one another or are the areas on the map farther apart than they  appear? It reminded me of UnderMountain under Waterdeep. I love this one for the simplicity, unless you have a cartographer with your party, or you take a lot of time mapping this is probably what gets you around the dungeon.


Encounter notes are always fun, this clever DM wrote directions and a script that will work for an encounter with either Kettite or Perrenland guards.



I hope you enjoyed looking at these maps and notes as much as I did! If you have found something fun in one of your out of print books, tell us about it in the comments.

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