Found Treasure II: Character Sheets & Notes

Found Treasure II: Character Sheets & Notes

Sometimes , when we're very lucky, we find treasure in the out-of-print goodies that come our way. Maps, notes, props, all kinds of great stuff that our fellow players and DMs used in their game.

I always like seeing other folk's character sheets. Here we have a few characters and some character notes.

Let's start with Randy's assassin. Psionic, has teleportation capability, daggers of venom, a vorpal +4 Defender, and three henchmen to watch his back. We can only hope not to irritate him or his employer.

These old character sheets are some of my favorites, simple with everything you need on the front, including space for your portrait. Notice that all these players did draw one, kudos! They also rolled quite well.

Zebignew has almost everything he needs, but where is the rope? Perhaps it is concealed in his bow-tie.

Keebler the elf looks like he's standing at home plate with a holy fastball of stealth coming at him.

He-Man the fighter. 'Nuff said.

And Merlin the wizard with the iconic wizard's hat, how many of you had a wizard named Merlin or Gandalf?


Speaking of great rolls, here we have Zigutar. 20th Level Fighter-Lord with four 18s and two 16s! He has enough swords, rings, cloaks, etc to equip an entire adventuring party. I'm really curious about the ring of room traveling, does it take you to a room previously visited or any room you fancy? His mounts are also pretty cool, he has a horse, a pegise and a unicorn. Also noted is a floating car, I wonder if it actually flies or just levitates. Did I mention the treasure? This dude is rolling in it. He buys the drinks next trip to the tavern.



For our next fun we have a home-brew character sheet. All the essentials and great big boxes for magic and treasure! Did anyone else have a 9 pin printer back in the day?


These are some of the rub on transfers from back in the day, some of them have been used, but they saved us some great dragons, giants and half of a halfling : )

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these player's artifacts as much as I did. If you've ever found something fun in your out-of-print goodies, or if any of these inspired characters are yours tell us about it in the comments!

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